Magic wireless charging is hot

About Qi standards


Recently, a very cool appearance of the iPhone wireless charger video suddenly became popular on the Internet, so many netizens have to shout buy buy.

In video, someone put the iPhone 8, which supports wireless charging, into a wireless charging version with complex magic patterns, and the wireless charging version is huge!

After the wireless charging version recognizes the iPhone 8 placement, the magic pattern on the charging version will light up in the order from the outer circle to the inner circle, and then activate the wireless charging.The whole process was cool!

Many netizens, after seeing the video, just wanted to buy it. Now they have finally found the source of video. This video is actually made by a video creative company called CHOCOLATE inc in Japan.

And the cool magic of wireless charging video is just one of the company’s “6 second store” series video, which is designed to evoke a user’s desire to buy in 6 seconds.And this magic array wireless charging video certainly does that.

So in fact, this awesome wireless charging pad is just a by-product of filming video, and it’s not for sale at the moment, so people who say they want to buy it are now impossible to buy it.